Required Notice Pursuant to House Bill 23-1105 – Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force House Bill 23-1105 created the HOA and Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Forces to examine certain matters in communities that are governed by these entities. The Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force will review, among other matters, tax levying authority and practices, foreclosure practices, communications with homeowners and governance policies. A requirement of the new law is that we notify you of the creation and existence of the Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force prior to its first meeting. If you have any questions about the Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force, please reach out to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies or visit their website at Thank you.
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Are you new to Leyden Rock?

WELCOME to the neighborhood! It is truly an amazing community! Here is some helpful information to help get you integrated into your new neighborhood.

METROPOLITAN DISTRICT – Leyden Rock is set up as a Metropolitan District within the State of Colorado and is not a homeowners association (HOA). Metropolitan Districts (or Metro Districts) function similarly to homeowners associations (HOA’s), but there are some important differences. Most importantly, the District creation and maintenance of infrastructure is funded by what is known as the mill levy, which are taxes paid as part of your monthly mortgage. The District is also set up as a quasi-governmental agency and operates as a Colorado Special District, which is governed by the Colorado Revised Statutes and Title 32. The District also funds the day to day operations of the District – like District landscaping, pool & clubhouse maintenance, trash and recycle services, weed control, etc.  The District contracts with Advance HOA Management to oversee management of District operations. Click here for FAQ about Metro Districts

Hogback Herald E-NEWSLETTERS – Our e-newsletters are full of helpful information, such as events and activities going on in Leyden Rock and surrounding areas, important updates, messages and announcements from our District team. If you would like to subscribe to our email list, please click HERE

GOVERNANCE – The District does have a set of Governing Documents – the Covenants and Restrictions and the Residential Improvement Guidelines and Site Restrictions. All District documents, financials, Board meeting minutes, etc. can be found on the District Documents page on the public-facing homepage but you can also access from your resident account.

TRASH AND RECYCLE SERVICES – Trash pick up is every Monday. Be sure to have your cans out by 7am. Recycle is every other Monday- Week B. Find the 2024 Recycle and Holiday Calendar here. For questions regarding trash or recycling, please reach out to our Account Manager at Republic Services- Don Archuleta| [email protected] | 720.590.4337

FOOTHILLS LANDFILL –  If you have any questions regarding the Foothills Landfill on the west side of the community, please reach out to the Operations Manager- Chris Gronquist | [email protected] | 720.232.2178

MAILBOX KEYS – Replacement keys can be requested through the Indian Tree Post Office | 7765 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada 80003| 303.423.9883

CLUBHOUSE RENTALS – Our community clubhouse is available to rent for private use, for residents and non-residents. If you are interested in reserving the clubhouse, please see more information on the clubhouse page of our website.

EVENTS AND CLUBS – If you are interested in starting a club or volunteering for an event, please contact our Lifestyle Coordinator Christine Ahern [email protected] | Mobile 720.765.4668

We hope you are enjoying living in Leyden Rock! Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with.  District staff contact information is on the contact page of our website.